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Nothing Tech-y This Week

March 04, 2013

Sadly, I haven’t had any tech-y things to report for this week. I’ve been super busy working on assignments, and doing my best to pass midterms (coz those are important, right?)

I thought I would share some links to useful sites that I have.

Music I love listening to music while I work, though if you ask me who I listen to, or ask me if I’ve heard the lastest (insert current trending band)‘s song, I would not be able to respond truthfully. I like listening to premade playlists, where I just have to pick the type of music I’d like to listen to, and voila. A playlist to suit my needs. There are two websites I’d highly recommend if you’re someone like me, and these include:

  • 8tracks - user based playlists, you can create an account and like playlists to track them, or upload your own. This is usually my number one stop. They’ve also got great android and iPhone apps. Groove Shark - a combination of 8tracks and a radio station. This lets you create your own playlists if you’d like to, and allows you to go back and listen to them whenever you’d like to. The problem with this, for me, is that I wouldn’t know what to listen to.

Tv Shows I’m a HUGE Tv show fan. I like to use Sidereel to keep track of all the shows I watch - if you’re logged into your account it shows you when your next TV show episode will be playing, and helps you find links to watch the show. Sometimes it’s easier to stream shows while I’m working (especially if I’m working on a lab in my Computer Science building), so it’s important to find working copies of shows that I can stream. I used to use the links on Sidereel, though I sometimes find that these links are more broken than not. I then started using Delishows which usually has the shows linked. I’m happy to say that with hola.org, I can now get onto sites like Hulu, Netflix or CBS, which were strictly US only, and can stream shows off there now instead.

Thought I would share the love! Have any sites you like to use? Share them with me?