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#DearMe - International Womens Day 2015

March 08, 2015

YouTube is currently doing a #DearMe campaign in celebration of International Women’s Day. Shout out to Kya for being the first post I saw about this!

International Womens Day is a day to celebrate many of the victories amazing women have achieved.

#DearMe 15 Years Ago:

You’re seven years old. Keep enjoying what you’re doing. Keep trying new things, and keep finding new interests. Don’t let the words or actions of another person get you down, and more importantly learn to pick yourself up and do what you want.

#DearMe 10 Years Ago:

You’re twelve years old, and about to start diving into the wonderful world of web development. You’re also coming up to the first big milestone: Common Entrance Exams. Study hard, and do the best that you can. Take the time to make and read through your notes, and to study with a friend. Definitely help out other people if they’re stuck - it’s one of the best ways for you to study and solidify that your understanding.

#DearMe 8 Years Ago:

You are now in high school. High School will be four of the best years of your life. One of the hardest lessons you’re going to learn is to not let people use you, or abuse your kindness. The next hardest is that just because you have different interests than other people, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or that you don’t deserve their respect or friendship. You are not boring. You will do amazing, interesting things. Take pride and passion in the things that do interest you because those interests are going to pay off in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

#DearMe 4 Years Ago:

You finished high school. You did the best you could. You made friends for life, so remember to keep in touch with them. You’ve made it out of high school, and now you’re headed to University. You are quickly going to learn that there are many different types of people in the world, and that you aren’t going to get on with all of them. Branch out and get to know new people - if someone isn’t interested in getting to know you then it’s their loss. Your entire life is about to change, and all I can say is embrace it. You’re going to really start to understand that the things that made you “different” actually make you better. You’re going to have an interesting time accepting that, and growing out of the shell that you have created for yourself - do your best to let people see the fun side of you. Most importantly, remember not to judge people for being the way that they are, everyone is different and everyone has their own fears that they’re overcoming as they start University. Take some notes from the Yes Man movie, and start saying yes to things you otherwise would have said no to. Don’t let yourself regret any of your choices or actions. You’re going to come across some really hard times, but you’re also going to have some really great ones too - learn from the bad, appreciate the good, and do your best to make it better.

I think the most solid piece of advice I would like to give myself at all stages of life is to embrace what I love, own it, and not let anyone belittle it or me. Embracing my interests means loving them more, giving myself more confidence and letting myself continue on this great path I’ve been building for myself.

If you write a #DearMe post or make a video, I’d love to read/watch it! Please share them with me!