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About Me

Hi! A quick little intro about me: I'm passionate about creating a better tomorrow using technology. My happy place is thinking about internationalization, dealing with funky edge cases, and building a great user experience.

I enjoy teaching and inspiring other technologists through my public speaking and writing. I've had the opportunity to speak at events organized by FITC, and the University of Toronto. I have also been featured as the Top 50 Inspiring Women in Canada by the Government of Canada's International Women's Day #StemForChange project, and a few more.

Currently I run Elixir Labs, a non profit that builds solutions for nonprofit organizations with mandates to affect social, environmental and economic good.

Feel free to get in touch - I'd love to get to know you too!

I have most recently worked at Square, working on the Cash App. I have previously worked at LivEpicly in Jakarta, Indonesia. Amazon in Seattle, USA. OANDA in Toronto, Canada. Microsoft in Vancouver Canada. I'm currently exploring new opportunities - if you're company is hiring then I'd love to know!